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Wordpress is argueably the hottest niche website tool of the moment. Internet marketers and search engines alike love sites that are built on the platform.

Whether you're looking to add to your own web empire, build niche sites for clients, or even for flip them for quick cash, a great looking Wordpress template will help you get the job done.

Wordpress templates

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quality wordpress templates

Wordpress' super SEO capabilities and its modular
functionality make it the first-choice for niche marketers.
A quality template will help you to capitalize on those features.

Here's what you get in this Collection...

Audio Wordpress Template

arrow1. XTP Audio Template

Perfect for podcasting, tele or audio seminar information or any other audio-related blog. The fresh, glossy look of this template is really current and will not date quickly.

Beach Wordpress Template

arrow2. XTP Beach Template

Top holiday destinations, best beaches or just a blog of your summer vacation - this beach template has many possible uses.

Bonsai Wordpress Template

arrow3. XTP-Bonsai Template

Got green fingers? Bonsai growing is a popular, yet at times, difficult hobby. A great niche to move into with an information product or video series.

Caution Wordpress Template

arrow4. XTP Caution Template

This Wordpress template carries a prominent warning in the corner that says "Use with Caution". It is ideal for giving the impression that your blog carries potent information that is simply too powerful to be used by just anyone!

Chocolate Wordpress Template

arrow5. XTP Chocolate Template

Who doesn't like chocolate? Chocolate recipies, chocolate gifts, chocolate fountains - there are innumerable chocolate sub-niches to target and there are tens of thousands of searches a month. Please note: your screen is not taste enabled - so don't lick it!

Coin Collecting Wordpress Template

arrow6. XTP Coin Collecting Template

At the time of writing there are more than 30,000 auctions on Ebay.com ... JUST FOR U.S. COINS! Even my local Ebay site (Ireland) has 6,465 coin auctions running at the moment. This is a niche FULL of buyers, swappers and traders. Get in on the action with this clean and business-like coin collecting template

Gambling Wordpress Template

arrow7. XTP Gambling Template

There are a lot of people making small fortunes in this niche. Anyone who gambles wants to improve their odds and beat the casino, but they need the info to do it. You could use this template to set up a profitable membership site.

Safari Wordpress Template  

arrow8. XTP Safari Template

Safaris are big business, not to mention expensive. If you are already operating as an affiliate in the travel sector, a Safari niche site could bring in some "wild" comissions.

Top Secret Wordpress Template  

arrow9. XTP Top Secret Template

Everybody seems to be selling their "secrets" in an ebook these days. This template gives you a platform to do the same. It features imagery of a security briefcase full of Top Secret documents, marked "For your eyes only".

Wedding Wordpress Template  

arrow10. XTP Wedding Template

There are so many sub-niches within the Weddings market that you'll never run out of ideas to work on. This mainly black & white template has a classy and comtemporary feel.

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